Playground for creative people.

We provide a platform for youths to explore, share, and showcase there creative talents and arts through our various platforms.

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EpicPulse Magazine

A online magazine that is keen on tackling the youth issues and showcase there talent and creative arts to the world

EpicPulse Radio

An online Radio station that is committed in shaping the future of Entertainment by connecting our youths and consumers with High-quality and Personalized content via the Internet and all possible forms of distribution.

Our services


We offer support to youths by providing a platform for them through our various seminar sessions that we have


We are focused on selling and showcasing our talents and creative art together with many youths around the globe.

Digital Marketing

We bring growth to our client through marketing. We are a one stop enterprise designed to meet your specific goals for your business and brand via our range of marketing services that we have to offer

Web Development/Design

If your looking to create, edit or modify a website well look no further cause have a creative team who will ensure you receive the best services and a worth while website for your brand/company.

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